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Volume 15


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Currently a group of volunteers are working with the Cheltenham editor Alex Craven and our medievalist Beth Hartland on the history of Cheltenham. Beth Hartland has submitted an account of the medieval years up to 1540 and Alex Craven has completed two sections for 1540 to 1740, 'Early Modern Cheltenham' and 1740 to 1852, 'Cheltenham Transformed'. Work is currently progressing on the period 1852-1945 'Cheltenham Improved'.

In 2018 we will publish a VCH 'Short' on Cheltenham before the Spa edited by Alex Craven and Beth Hartland. This will describe the evolution of Cheltenham as a small Gloucestershire market town within a large agricultural parish, from the Saxon period until its transformation during the 18th century into a fashionable spa, and its consequent rise to become a major centre of population. This is an aspect of Cheltenham’s history which is easily overlooked, and for the most part obscured by its later development, so the book will provide fascinating and innovative insights into neglected topics. The text will form the basis for the ‘red book’ coverage of pre-spa Cheltenham in the forthcoming volume 15, but will be enhanced by explanatory text boxes and additional images.

The draft text of Cheltenham Before the Spa is now available for comment.

You will find drafts of our texts here.

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